Thomas Turner completed his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with a Material Science Minor at the University of Florida. He joined Dr. Botchwey’s lab in 2017. Thomas’ work focuses on developing new immunomodulatory therapies for treatment of soft tissue injury, focused on volumetric muscle injury. He is particularly interested in the resolution of inflammation using pro-resolving lipids (i.e. Resolvin D1) in order to polarize different immune cells towards a pro-regenerative phenotype — particularly using the novel approach of targeting neutrophil heterogeneity. In ongoing translational collaborative work at Emory, he is interested in applying these concepts to develop a therapeutic strategy to improve the clinical burden resulting from cleft palate injuries. He is also working on a study to describe lipid features of mesenchymal stem cells to predict therapeutic potency and engineer small extracellular vesicle (i.e. exosomes) to deliver to soft tissue injuries with a hydrogel biomaterial platform.

Favorite Atlanta Spot  – When 5’o clock happy hour hits $5 Manhattans at Lloyds, one of so many AMAZING Atlanta restaurants, all the amazing hiking spots just a short drive out!

Favorite TV show – New Girl

Fun Fact – When I was little I lived in Bangkok, Thailand