Lauren Hymel graduated from Tulane University with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. She is a second year student in the Botchwey Lab. Lauren’s work is focused on uncovering cellular heterogeneity in response to inflammatory conditions and soft tissue injuries, specifically Volumetric Muscle Loss. She has thus far used high dimensional flow cytometry coupled with dimensionality reduction and clustering analytical techniques to uncover the heterogenous cell response to sphingolipid receptor immunomodulatory therapies in in vivo models of muscle injury. She plans on taking advantage of these single cell analytical expertise through the use of Mass Cytometry and single cell RNA seq in a similar injury context with hopes of developing translational regenerative medicine therapeutics.


Favorite Atlanta Spot – Bone Garden Cantina for whenever that Mexican food craving hits, BonTon for fun drinks and seafood, and beltline bars for when it’s a beautiful sunny day.

Favorite TV Show – Peaky Blinders

Fun Fact – Even though I went to Tulane my heart belongs to LSU football.