Jack Krieger, Ph.D.

Jack Krieger received a B.S. in engineering physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012 and joined Dr. Botchwey’s lab at Georgia Tech later that fall. His research interest is manipulating inflammation to augment healing of injured tissues. To achieve this end, Jack is involved in collaborative work developing hydrogel materials that release immunomodulatory molecules at sites of injury. Jack’s recent studies demonstrate that pro-regenerative inflammation and microvascularization are achieved by hydrogel-mediated delivery of immunomodulatory proteins and synthetic sphingolipid analogs.

In ongoing work, Jack is focused on rotator cuff tears, specifically how post-injury inflammation affects rotator cuff muscle health and whether immunomodulatory strategies can improve muscle function.

In his spare time, Jack can be found outside or watching live music.