Claire (Segar) Olingy completed her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. She joined Dr. Botchwey’s lab in 2011 at the University of Virginia and moved with him to Georgia Tech to help set up the new lab. Claire’s work focuses on developing materials that direct the fate of therapeutic stem and myeloid cells during injury and repair. Claire’s recently published work demonstrates that sphingolipid signaling controls hematopoietic stem cell trafficking during homeostasis and stress. This work builds upon previous publications that demonstrated local delivery of synthetic sphingolipid analogs from polymeric materials recruits bone marrow-derived progenitors and promotes bone repair through induction of therapeutic angiogenesis.  Claire has also investigated similar immunomodulatory strategies for promoting repair after volumetric muscle loss. In ongoing collaborative work, Claire is interested in applying these concepts to develop hydrogel materials that leverage innate immunity to enhance vascularization.