S’Dravious DeVeaux

S’Dravious “Dré” DeVeaux graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BS in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry and minors in Biology and Mathematics in Fall 2015. Upon graduation he worked full-time as a Purification Chemist I before matriculating to Univeristy of Georgia (UGA) in Fall 2016. He graduate from UGA with his Masters in Biochemical Engineering in May 2018 with his thesis project titled, “Evaluation of Drug Delivery and Drug Testing Platforms for Breast Cancer Therapy.” He joined the Botchwey and Roy labs in Fall 2018. S’Dravious’s work is focused on lipidomic characterization of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells when cultured in 2D and in 3D hydrogel stem cell niches. He has thus performed targeted and untargeted mass spectrometry on MSCs while exploring the impact of demographics and culture parameters on their lipid metabolism. He plans on leveraging his experiences to investigate how modulating the sphingolipid pathway and biomaterial encapsulation can increase MSC immune potency for cell and cell-free manufacturing and therapeutics.

Favorite Atlanta Spot  – Petit Chou, restaurant with locally imported fresh vegetables and fruits.
Favorite TV show – How To Get Away With Murder
Fun Fact – I used to live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada & I don’t like touching socks